Wrongful Death

Fatal accidents are tragic, no matter how they occur. Fatal bicycle accidents are only made worse by the stress that follows filing a wrongful death case. At Pattenaude law, we want your family to have the time and space necessary for grieving. We respect each family we work with and take courteous steps to ensure each case is handled with care and precision. If you have found yourself dealing with a wrongful death due to a bicycle accident, let us handle the work while you take care of your family

Wrongful death by Bicycle accidents can occur a number of ways:

  • Doorings Accidents
  • Clipping Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Turning Accidents
  • Negligent Driving Accidents

There a number of ways, though no excuse, for cyclists to not feel safe and protected on the road. When following all the Rules of the Road and wearing the right protective gear, cyclists have just as much right to riding safely as any other motor vehicle.

If you need guidance or consulting on a wrongful death case, please do not hesitate to call any attorney member at Pattenaude Law.

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