Tips for Those Who Have Been in an Accident

If you find yourself in a bicycle accident, or any motor or vehicle-related accident, be sure to document as much of the scene as you can. Take photos of both your bicycle or vehicle as well as all other parties involved. Take pictures of any personal belongings that may have been damaged in the duration of the accident, and document yourself or any physical wounds or injuries that are recordable. In some cases, having enough evidence can help make or break a case and assist in a proper settlement.

Be sure to take down contact information of any bystanders and witnesses. A spectator or additional eyewitness can sometimes help verbally validate a case, even if photo evidence may seem to prove otherwise. Be sure to give your contact info to the bystanders as well.

In addition to on-site documentation, call an attorney as soon as possible. Some cases will require immediate action and your best bet at a just arrangement can depend on timeliness. Contact an attorney at Thomas Pattenaude Law to find out if your case is valid. An important thing to note is that the cyclist is not always the innocent party. While the bicycle and rider are, more often than not, the more injured party, it is not always the fault of the driver. We are happy to evaluate your case and assist in a free consultation, however knowing this prior to assuming you have a case is always helpful.

The first determining factor in whether you have a case or not is who the negligent party was. If you were riding your bike the wrong way or not abiding by road rules, it will be more difficult to prove that you are the innocent party. It is not impossible, but know that all the facts must be stated to attorneys when filing a personal injury case or claim. Know your rights and know the road rules. Whenever in doubt, call Pattenaude Law.

If you are in a bicycle accident and there aren’t any immediate damages, do not assume you are unscathed. Just as in many car accidents, some physical injuries can manifest over time after a
crash or collision. While a hospital visit may not be required immediately on-site of the accident, stay alert and document any aches and pains or bruises that may reveal themselves over the weeks to follow.

Hiring an attorney can seem daunting at first, but consider all the responsibilities that come with settling a case on your own. Without an experienced attorney, a personal injury claim can
sometimes take two years to even get to court. If and when insurance companies are involved, they want the quickest and easiest settlement. To do so, they usually offer a decent amount of money that will seem tempting, but is almost always much less than what your case deserves. If nothing else, consider an attorney for easing the stress that comes with filing a lawsuit. We offer free evaluations for all cases prior to making any commitments.

If you believe you have a case, call today for your free personal evaluation.

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