Bike Fixation, a company committed to providing cyclists safe spaces to ride and commute, has been working in collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to create temporary lane delineators called the Wave Delineator. Wave Delineator temporary lanes are somewhat like public art for cyclists. They are a very modern, tech-forward addition to bike lanes that help riders to intuitively follow designated bike lanes. Mike Basarich, Director of Bike Fixation, explained: “What started as a fun side project to make bike lanes beautiful has blossomed into something much larger and more significant.”

These D.O.T. approved art pieces are already part of pilot programs across the U.S., including San Jose, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Madison, WI, Providence, RI, Minneapolis, MN and New Orleans, LA. Wave Delineators are collapsible, have reflective decals, they are lightweight and are made with chamfered edges in hopes of addressing common complains of existing and past temporary delineators.

Mike Basarich also says, “From galvanizing public support for protected bike lanes, to creating temporary bicycle travel lanes at large events, to assisting families with no bike infrastructure [to] safely access local farmers markets, the Wave Delineator has married form and function in a way that is nothing short of revolutionary in this space. We hope ‘Riding the Wave’ will become an integral part of every pop-up…game-day, demonstration, or pilot across the globe.” We hope so, too. If practicing safe cycling became an enjoyable and everyday way of riding, we hope to experience many less accidents and injuries.

As of January 31st, 2019 the Wave Delineator is available and ready for public appearance and purchase. Depending on how lengthy your bike lane may be, prices will vary, as we can tell from the website where you can request a quote for a Wave Delineator. Thinking outside of the box, the pop-up bike lanes offer a variety of uses. Not just everyday bike lanes, but they will fare great with cycling events, schools, festivals and large open spaces that will allow bikes as transportation. The design that Bike Fixation has come up with is truly what sets these bike lanes apart. Cities have been implementing cycle tracks for many years, but it wasn’t until now that people have become interested in them at their own accord. Co-founder of Minneapolis Bike Parks, Devin Olson, shares, “Every time we have used them people ask what they are and what they’re used for. They want to touch and feel them. People can’t keep their hands off them. And they just look cool.”

Would you like to see these bike lanes in your city? We sure can’t wait for them to make an appearance in Los Angeles, CA. The next time you’re out riding, take a look at your existing bike lanes. If they could use some sprucing up, consider contacting your local Department of Transportation for Wave Delineators. After a stressful year of Limes, Jumps and Spins, we cannot wait for some peaceful Waves.

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