Road Debris Bicycle Accidents

Oftentimes, people presume bicycle accidents caused by road debris are no one person or party’s fault, or at least it is assumed that no one can be held responsible for it. No matter what type of debris caused the accident, there is a reason or fault for it being there in the first place. The tricky part is tracing it back to the responsible party. For example, faulty roads are most often the county or city’s duty to maintain. However, for situations dealing with fallen cargo, it can usually be traced to a shipping company or driver, but not always or accurately.

The possibility of the debris that caused the accident being no one’s fault is slim. When dealing with a bicycle accident that is caused by debris, it is best to try and get testimonies from any and all nearby witnesses. If in a residential area, see if you notice any outdoor cameras. This can often help in terms of finding out how the debris got there in the first place.

Whenever you are in a crash or collision, be sure to receive any medical attention required immediately. Take note of injuries and damages incurred, and seek a professional attorney as soon as possible.

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