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Tom Pattenaude is a professional, national personal injury attorney, prominently dealing with bicycle accidents in Southern California. Being a cyclist himself, he has personal ties and compassion for fellow riders. Other primary areas of practice include catastrophic injury, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, product liability cases and drunk driving related incidents.

As personal injury attorneys, Thomas Pattenaude Law cares deeply about the families involved in each case they are brought to work on. Fatal or not, they know how devastating a personal injury case can be; not only for the victim, but also for their friends and family. Each case is handled with care, precision and with utmost integrity. Winning 99% of their cases, Pattenaude attorneys work aggressively to settle each case and get families the compensation they deserve. Pattenaude Law’s priority is always family and loved ones. We never settle a claim for less than full value and no fees will be owed unless we win your case! Our trusted team of professional attorneys go above and beyond for the best possible outcome for every situation. If you are dealing with a personal injury case, small or large, we are here to help.

Tom Pattenaude has years of experience in cases from bicycle accidents to drunk driving related accidents, leading his office to cultivate an extensive understanding of personal injury cases. With his background, he can often predict what stance the other party may take on a particular case, in or out of court. Fortunately, The Pattenaude Law Firm has the resources, staff, and trial experience to provide effective representation no matter what the situation entails. Most cases can be handled out-of-court. However, there are situations where insurance companies are determined and remain unreasonable, and will require the injured party to go to trial in order to recover full compensation. Whatever the condition, rest assured that Pattenaude Law has your case covered.
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