Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accidents

Feeling safe on the road should not be a concern of cyclists’. The road should be a safe-haven and getaway. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the rest of the world whom we share the road with. In the even of a hit-and-run situation, key witnesses may break or make a case. When there are no witnesses on-site or of help, cyclists often have to result to their own insurer. Oftentimes, insurers will try to minimize a situation or deny a claim altogether.

When dealing with a hit-and-run bicycle accident, reach out to a professional, experienced attorney such as Thomas Pattenaude. We are here to take over the stressors of accidents, while you take care of yourself and loved ones. We offer consultations for all situations, free-of-charge.

If you believe you have a case, call today for your free personal evaluation.

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