Cyclists' Rights

Cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles. As we know, with rights come responsibilities, and the responsibilities of cyclists are important to remind ourselves of. People tend to confuse cyclists’ rights with those of pedestrians, or for having the ultimate, overriding right-of-way in all road-related situations.

Refresh yourself and fellow cyclists on these crucial safety tips:


  • Stop at all stop signs. Stop signs do not mean yield when on a bicycle. Stop as you would in a motor vehicle.
  • Just as well, stop at all red lights. Cyclists often ride and turn through red lights, believing either that they are not required by law to stop or that they could easily ride close enough to the curb to avoid a crash or collision. Both are unlawful and, most of all, dangerous.
  • Do not ride in blind spots. Just as some cars seem to come into view ‘out of nowhere’ you can imagine how that would stay true for an even smaller and slower moving bicycle.
  • Turn signals must be utilized whether by lighting or hand signaling. Give everyone around you fair warning to respect your space and decisions on the road.
  • Bicycle lanes — use your lanes and respect the road lines. Know that cars are required to merge into some bicycle lanes when turning, so use proper lighting and turn signals and wear appropriate reflective gear.
  • Make yourself visible. Just as cars are required to have working headlights and tail lights, bicycles are required to wear reflective gear. Especially when riding at night, wear as much lighting as possible in order to remain safe and visible.
Lastly, and one of the most important notes, is to always wear a helmet. Helmets are to cyclists as seat belts are to drivers. They are a simple, and possibly life-changing, best-practice for riding. For all bicycle riders under the age of 18, a helmet is required by law. It is also important that you wear your helmet correctly. Tighten the strap so that it fits snug around your head. Be sure that it is not loose or ill-fitting. Just as when driving, always stay alert while riding your bicycle. A simple acknowledgement or turn signal may save a life.

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