This Saturday, March 23rd, cyclists all over Los Angeles will be joining the Bike MS: Los Angeles 2019 ride to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis. The event promises to bring together cyclists of all levels and ages to create awareness around MS. They promote themselves as a not-so-traditional charity ride. Riders are able to pick their mileage and route, as well as finish off their success with some major festivities.

What we love most about this ride is that their site is chock-full of safety tips and tricks for riding in groups, as well as making sure you and your bike are prepared for the big day.

Riding in Groups:

  • Keep speed smooth and consistent
  • Give a wheels length (at least) in front and behind your bicycle
  • Always use turn signals
  • Keep your head up and awareness on
  • Ride with hands on the brakes
  • Call out safety hazards

Cycle Check:

  • Wheels
    • Avoid wobbly wheels
  • Brakes
    • You want grit and alignment
  • Tires
    • Inflate and remove debris
  • Seat Bag
    • Stock up on ride supplies
  • Cleats
    • Get them tight and right
  • Frames
    • Be crack-free

Even when you prepare fully, you can’t control other rides or external elements. If you see someone riding out of control or without any safety gear, do your best to steer clear. Check for road debris and potholes, and do your best to stay in bike lanes for the duration of your ride route.

If you get into a crash or collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, put safety first. Make sure that any injuries are cared for immediately, and then begin to ask questions. Document everything and everyone involved, and try to get contact information from any available witnesses. You can still have fun while riding safely. Wear a helmet and stay alert. For everything else, contact Bicycle Injury Law Firm to speak with one of our experiences bicycle attorneys today.

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