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The road is many cyclists’ safe-haven, their getaway. Being an avid cyclist himself, Thomas Pattenaude knows the sense of sanctuary and bliss that comes with riding. However, some of the very cyclists who find refuge on the road are also lost or injured due to careless drivers.

At Pattenaude Law, reckless behavior is non-excusable. For losses and injuries, whether minor or severe, we fight for just compensation. While there is nothing that can redress a family’s grievances, our goal is to at the very least aid the victim’s family in medical bills and other expenses to ensure a secure future.

Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult under any circumstances, but for those whose loss was caused by carelessness or recklessness on the part of others, the pain can be devastating. In addition to coping with emotional and psychological trauma, the individual’s family may also be left without a reliable means of financial support and struggling to cope with unexpected hospital bills and funeral expenses.

The Law Office of Thomas Pattenaude only represents people with legitimate and serious injuries and/or claims. We carefully and diligently investigate every case to document the injuries and damages sustained by our clients and to ensure that each case we handle has merit. This helps to maintain our excellent reputation in the legal and insurance communities and allows us to negotiate settlements that fairly compensate our clients for all of their damages.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies are reasonable. Some insurance companies force the injured party to go to trial to recover any compensation. The Pattenaude Law Firm has the experience to provide effective representation for you. While we do everything possible to settle our clients’ cases out-of-court for a fair amount, the insurance companies know that we will aggressively pursue each client’s case to the full extent of the law.

The Law Office of Thomas Pattenaude know how to get you the money you deserve. When you call our office, you speak directly to the attorneys working on your case and you get to them quickly. We will aggressively pursue your case — and we get results. We are dedicated to supporting our clients and managing the difficult legal processes on their behalf.

Thomas Pattenaude

Mr. Pattenaude represents seriously injured people in the State of California and nationally. His primary areas of practice involve catastrophic injury, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, product liability cases, and injuries caused by drunk drivers. As a plaintiffs’ lawyer, Tom’s practice includes class action and multi-district cases, and other complex litigation.

Our reputation and commitment to our clients enable us to settle most cases out-of-court.

Tom Pattenaude has experience in both defense and plaintiff positions. As your advocate, he can immediately assess what the other side will do and what would be your most effective way to fight.

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